1. Complete an online questionnaire

    To create your legal document, all you need to do is answer a simple online questionnaire. As you answer each question, the document is automatically tailored to your individual circumstances.

    Explanations of what you need to do are provided every step of the way, but if you're unsure of anything, just give us a call. And don't forget you can save your document at any time and return to it later to complete it.

  2. Submit to our legal review team to review

    Once you've answered all the questions in the questionnaire, you can submit it automatically through our system to our legal review team, who'll make sure it's correct and suitable for your circumstances. We'll then be in touch via email or phone within three working days with further instructions.

  3. Print and sign your document

    When your document is complete, you'll be given full instructions on how to print it and what to do next. Our secure, password-protected, online storage facility means you can access your document at any time.