Legal fees from traditional solicitors can be a burden for many landlords and small businesses. Direct Line for Business Legal Documents is available to you free-of-charge as part of your insurance policy, and could save you hundreds of pounds in legal fees.

Here's what you can save:

Name of service Average cost of a traditional solicitor (inc. VAT) 1 Direct Line for Business Legal Documents cost
Residential tenancy agreement £250 £0
Fire risk assessment £715 £0
Health and safety compliance review and policy creator £515 £0
Employment agreement £500 £0
Consultancy agreement £500 £0
Employee handbook £975 £0
Terms and conditions for website selling consumer goods and/or services £420 £0
Debt collection letters for unpaid invoices £210 £0

The Direct Line for Business Legal Documents service can also help you save money on potential fines by keeping your business fully compliant:

Penalty Total
Average penalty per health and safety conviction 2 £58,030
Average unfair dismissal award 3 £13,851
Average race discrimination award 3 £14,185
Average sex discrimination award 3 £85,622
Average disability discrimination award 3 £21,729
Average religious discrimination award 3 £19,647
Average sexual orientation discrimination 3 £20,192
Average age discrimination award 3 £9,025


  1. Cost savings compiled based on internal internet research, and using average hourly costs for solicitors (excl. VAT) in 6 UK cities compiled November 2012, and sample daily rates for health and safety consultants. All the above savings are inclusive of VAT. Figures have been rounded to the nearest £5.
  2. Figs from Health & Safety Executive 2015/16 report, and is the average penalty per case convicted. Full report available here.
  3. Figs from Employment Tribunal Service quarterly report 2016. Full report available here.